Introducing the Desk Knife Plinth

We're pleased to announce the launch of the Desk Knife Plinth, a sculptural home for our Desk Knife. The Plinth consists of a pyramidal base, individually cast in pigmented concrete, with a void that secures the knife along its center of mass. This collaboration with visual artist and designer Vicente Muñoz came in response to the challenge of how to simultaneously stabilize and showcase the Desk Knife—an elemental workplace cutting tool—to create a singular sculptural object.

 “Vicente’s monolithic cast concrete sculptures are captivating,” notes Hunter Craighill, Design Director at Craighill. “I’m a sucker for architectural objects that are brought down to an intimate, tabletop scale. So when the opportunity to collaborate arose, we were excited explore how our respective design vocabularies could merge and coexist.”

The Desk Knife Plinth brings a Modernist architectural language to the deskscape. Muñoz’s design was informed by his interest in the intersection of design and sculpture, and specifically the work of the late artist Scott Burton, who developed a fully geometric vocabulary for the creation of public sculpture and furniture works.

Evoking Modernism, Brutalism and ancient concrete volumes, the Desk Knife Plinth arises from the most elemental schools of architecture to conjure a timeless form, at once capturing the history of the medium—and its future derivations—in an intimate scale.

Each Desk Knife Plinth is hand-poured and cast in pigmented concrete. Due to the nature of the production process, each unit will have slight variations and idiosyncracies. It measures 3.75” x 1.5” x 1.25” and weighs 4oz. 

The Plinth is available in Black, White, Jade, and Rust, and will be limited to 20 pieces per color. Grab one for yourself here.