Hunter Craighill's Wishlist

Hunter Craighill's Wishlist

Dear Santa,

You may be a mashup of a Turkish-born saint, a Dutch folktale, and a host of Germanic Pagan myths, but I’m sending you my wishlist anyway. Below you’ll find a number of items I’ve been recently admiring from afar (and a few Craighill pieces they’d play nicely with). If you do exist, we’ll take delivery at our Greenpoint headquarters. If not, well, maybe we can use this letter as a promo email when the post office kicks it back.

Yours in giving,
Task Chair
By: Bestcase
Bestcase is elevating sheet metal furniture and case goods to an art form. I love everything from their material and color selections to their ultra simple assembly methods, and I very openly would like to collaborate on a project with them. :)


Brass Match Striker
By: Craighill
Of all our products, this one feels most like the holidays.

9090 Espresso Coffee Maker
By: Alessi
What a classic and expressive design from Richard Sapper. That handle really insists that you handle it. 

Cable Knit Sweater
By: Filson
Extremely familiar (and well executed) form, in a very unexpected color. I love it.


Eyewear Stand
By: Craighill
I feel guilty putting this in writing, but this is my favorite Craighill product. It elegantly solves a small but persistent problem (where did I put my glasses?) and it has just the right amount of character.

Bread Knife
By: Veark
The raw drop-forged handle of Veark's Chefs Knife gets most of the attention, but I'm here to tell you their bread knife is a delight to use. The tapered shaping of the handle is appropriately restrained, and the blue rivet is the perfect finishing touch.

Wavelinks Puzzle 
By: Craighill
This puzzle has enjoyed a prime position on my desk — right above my keyboard — for the last year. The components are intriguing in either its assembled or dissassembled state, and I still find the solution so satisfying (and graceful!).

By: White Flower Farm
This is still my go-to gift for the hard-to-please. It feels similarly decadent to gifting a bottle of champagne, but I think most people would prefer to experience the months of beauty and satisfaction that the amaryllis provides.

OD11-43 Dining Chair
By: Overgaard & Dyrman
Much more complex of a design than I normally prefer, but the heart wants what the heart wants. It builds on a century's worth of wireformed chair designs but still manages to feel fresh.

Tape Dispenser
By: Craighill
Our Design Engineer, Kevin Chee, discovered this Italian-made tape dispenser, and not only is it dramatically more handsome than your standard tape gun, but I also find it way more intuitive to use. l just used one extensively while packing up our seasonal surge of orders, and it's retained its spot as my favorite packaging tool. I also keep one at home to tape up boxes or bundle cardboard for recycling.

Vanilla Chocolate
By: Bonajuto Chocolate
I've been trying to convert everyone to this chocolate. It has a slightly grainy (crystaline?) texture that comes from the traditional grinding process that makes it more aromatic and, well, gritty. In a good way.

By: Craighill
This was one of those designs that we started and stopped at least three times over four years, evolving in material, scale, and function along the way. We kept hitting a dead end and would pull the drawings off the wall, then six months later we'd discover some new inspiration and we'd rush to pin those drawings back up.

It’s tough to keep this one in stock, partially due to the tight production tolerances, but mostly because it's been such a popular item. It brings me a particular satisfaction to be able to elevate something as humble as a card case to the point where it's one of our best selling products.