Operations Manager

Position Description:  

Craighill is seeking a detail-oriented project manager to serve as the linchpin of our Operations team. Whenever a customer places an order with us, they’re placing their trust in us to deliver on time and with accuracy. The logistical complexity of keeping a wide variety of products on-hand, finished, and available to ship requires a symphony of people, systems, space, and strategies working together in harmony. The Operations Manager conducts this symphony.

This work will be informed by our company values of empathy, ingenuity, endurance and wonder. These values come to life in a variety of ways, and they provide a framework for our growth.

By remaining aware and on-top-of multiple timelines simultaneously, we can exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver an experience that is grounded in empathy and wonder. By continuously refining and reassessing our processes with endurance and ingenuity, we can create a work environment that is grounded in calm, competent execution.

Essential Functions: 

Supervising and Managing Operations Team

  • Building culture within department that aligns with company values
  • Hiring and training for all direct reports 
  • Developing the skills and performance of each member of the Operations team
  • Regularly meeting with direct reports to insure timelines and standards are being met
  • Maintaining existing manuals for the Operations department (Finishing, Fulfillment, Customer Service)
  • Developing the creation of new manuals for systems as needed

Supply Chain Management

  • Writing purchase orders in Quickbooks Commerce (our inventory system) for all products, packaging, and finishing, and working with Operations Coordinator to submit those POs to vendors
  • Working in close alignment with Communications team to meet anticipated product demand, and prepare for product releases, promotions, and press
  • Reviewing sales pace within various sales channels (ecomm, wholesale, drop ship, special projects) and planning appropriate reorder schedule
  • Alerting Communications team of inventory surpluses for discounting or other promotional efforts
  • Managing sourcing and fulfillment for all products and packaging for crowdfunding campaigns
  • Reviewing Receiving Reports from Workshop + Fulfillment Manager to confirm accuracy of received goods
  • Working with Operations Coordinator to prevent manufacturing and freight delays and complications, and resolving as necessary
  • Confirming that vendor invoices accurately reflect received goods, and submitting those invoices to Finance team 
  • Building and inputting new SKUs into Shopify and Quickbooks Commerce
  • Overseeing and updating reorder thresholds within Quickbooks Commerce in order to maintain inventory levels
  • Maintaining costing database with detailed product and component costs, supplier information, and freight/importing details
  • Distributing Request For Quotes (RFQs) to new and existing vendors for new designs
  • Negotiating with vendors to find best pricing, volumes, and quality

Tracking, Analyzing, and Reporting

  • Establishing weekly and monthly Operations Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and presenting monthly KPI reports
  • Analyzing data and patterns to identify efficiencies and areas for improvement

Reports To

Head of Company

Collaborates With

Communications Team, Sales Team

Direct Reports

Operations Coordinator, Workshop + Fulfillment Manager

Measured Metrics and Review Schedule

Your first review will be 90 days after your start date, then a six-month check-in and a development review annually in January for the duration of your employment. If the results of a review are unsatisfactory, more frequent reviews may be scheduled to monitor improvements. If assigned improvement goals are not reached, a warning schedule may be implemented including the possibility of termination. During each review, your performance and ability to achieve the following metrics will be evaluated. 

  • Appropriate levels of inventory are available throughout the year
  • Databases and manuals are kept accurate and up to date
  • Customer orders are shipped within agreed upon timelines

Estimated Weekly Hours

40 Hours


This position is full-time, exempt.

Company Overview

Craighill is located in Brooklyn, NY. We are a group of people who believe that beautiful, cleverly designed objects can inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity. Those are feelings that we stay connected to, from a product’s inception, through the process of sourcing it, photographing it, writing about it, and shipping it to its ultimate owner. By staying true to our values, we take small steps toward building a community of people who believe in the world we hope to one day inhabit.


  • 3+ years of inventory or operations experience required
  • Experience managing both people and projects
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Experience managing calendars and deadlines
  • Experience with or willingness to learn how to use Google Suite, Asana, and Quickbooks Commerce
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills

Physical Demands

No physical demands required of this position   


  • Employer subsidized health insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Time Off
  • Sick Leave
  • 60% discount on purchases with Craighill + Wholesale Cost on third party products

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our core values of empathy, ingenuity, endurance and wonder are central to the work we do. Along with those guiding values, we are also deeply committed to developing a company culture that is centered on inclusivity. We're a white male-led organization currently, but we want to run this company and share power with people who aren't white guys. We believe actively recruiting, hiring, cultivating, and retaining people from a wide diversity of perspectives, identities, and backgrounds is vitally important to our success. We don't want or expect people to mute who they are as their authentic selves in order to try and fit in. 

To apply, please submit a resume, and a cover letter containing the following information to

  • 2 professional references
  • Salary request
  • Describe the tools you use to stay organized