Station to Station: Our tribute to the Monaco Grand Prix

The name Monaco immediately calls to mind two things: tax evasion and fast cars. Gerhard Berger has already said enough about the first, so let’s start with the Grand Prix.

Held on the city streets of Monte-Carlo since 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix endures as the ultimate test of driver skill, requiring superhuman grit and concentration to navigate its tight, torquing confines. In recent years, some have suggested that the track is no longer suited for modern Formula One cars. These people are unserious, and can be safely ignored.

The track’s meager 3.337 kilometers (2.074 miles) is divided among 19 legendary corners, each with its own name and storied legacy. There’s Tabac, named for the tobacconists’ shop that used to grace the harbor’s inner curve. The perilous Saint Devote honors the nearby chapel built for the patron saint of the principality. Then you’ve got Casino and Tunnel, which are named for a casino and a tunnel, respectively.

But one corner’s mythos is simply too grand to be bound by a single name: the Hairpin. Loews, Mirabeau, Fairmont, Grand Hotel — the Hairpin has had more names than a divorced Habsburg. To us though, it’s the first name that stuck: Station — taken from the train station that once stood on the site of the hotel.

We liked it so much that we decided to honor it with our Station Money Clip, a light, springy cash clamp with a flared curve not unlike that of the hairpin itself. We also figured that if you were to find yourself in Monaco, you’d likely need access to a great deal of cash, so win-win.

It might be the slowest corner on the F1 calendar, but the Station Hairpin still manages to capture the frenetic essence of Grand Prix racing. The midpoint of the dramatic elevation drop between Mirabeau Haute and Mirabeau Bas, the Hairpin has tempted its share of drivers to chance the occasional bold, surprising, and sometimes regrettable move.

Even with the boatlike size and handling of modern F1 cars yielding a tentative tip-toe down the hill towards Portier, the Station holds a special place in our hearts — and our back pockets. Shop the Station Money Clip now, and catch the Grand Prix tomorrow at 9:00am EDT.