Father's Day Gift Guide

We hear it all the time – we make perfect Father's Day gifts.

As we approach Father's Day, who are we to argue?

To help you discover the right one, we've rounded up some perfect gifts for many different types of Dads out there. 

The Wavelinks Puzzle - $160

For the sophisticated child at heart. Does your dad love amazing works of engineering, enjoy a challenge, and want a little sculpture on his desk? Get him this.

The Headphone Stand - $88

For the dad who is serious about his listening. Maybe he has a special corner, a comfy chair, and some really nice looking equipment. He definitely has a slick pair of headphones, but he needs somewhere to keep them. Voila! 

The Caro Pen - $48

For the list-maker and note-taker Dad, always searching for a pen. The Caro Pen hooks directly onto a set of keys or lanyard, so it's always there in a pinch, and you can have it custom engraved with his initials (or maybe just DAD). 

The Coachwhip Carabiner - $44

Does Dad like going to National Parks, but also enjoy Art? This is the carabiner he needs.

The Station Money Clip - $35

Is Dad a cash guy? Maybe he's toting it around in a rubber band or a binder clip? Sounds like it's time for an upgrade.

The Rook Knife - $130 - 150

For the dad who is magnetically drawn to sharp objects, we offer the Rook Knife. It's sleek and understated, and the experience of flipping it open is primally satisfying. 

The Collector - $288

For the Chief Executive Dad – he probably has a beautiful desk, and loves fascinating, artful objects. Why get him just one puzzle when you could get him three, in a gorgeous package?

The Eyewear Stand - $68

For the glasses Dad. Eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses. This cast metal pedestal will ensure that he knows where he put them, and he knows where to find them.  

Looking for more great gift ideas? Shop the entire collection, top notch options abound.