How To Build a House of Cards

Building a house of cards is meditative and slightly chaotic, a perfect combo. It requires patience, a gentle touch, and some level of comfort with the notion that beauty is impermanent. Heady stuff, eh? 

Using our new Playing Cards, we’ve created a house of cards guide for the curious and bold.

While most of us know and love (or hate) the Triangular House method, we decided to go with the Four-Card Cell technique, which is easier, more stable, and allows greater room for creativity.

Select cards that are free from bends, creases, and in good condition. Our recently released deck is an excellent choice for your house of cards journey. (This is also a good time to get out any sneezes and fix your rickety table.)
Stand two cards up horizontally so that they rest against each other in the shape of a “T.” Next, stand two more cards in a horizontal “T” so that they interlock with the first set, forming a square at the center. There it is! You have your first cell.
From here, you should add on more “T”s to create additional cells, thus laying an ever larger foundation. Feel free to expand as far as your work surface permits.
Gently place cards face down atop your cells until you’ve fashioned a solid roof. No need to be stingy with the cards here, they can all overlap to establish a solid second floor.

Build this new floor using the same method as step two. 



Tile your new floor just like you did in step four. You’ve unlocked a world where you can build a variety of structures, from skyscrapers to intricate palaces fit for kings, queens, and even jacks.