The Unofficial Craighill Guide to Settling In

The Unofficial Craighill Guide to Settling In

by Hunter Craighill

People often seem to move during the summertime, but this year I found myself unpacking in a new apartment on a spring day. The journey so far has felt in tune with the reflection and renewal springtime evokes, and I’ve appreciated the crisp air and chirping birds mixed in with the rustling of cardboard. 

When I move somewhere new, I typically have a three month window of motivation to get the space sorted. After that window, the odds of me prioritizing the hunt for that perfect bedside lamp or area rug drop off pretty quickly. 

Thankfully I just moved and it turns out we make a lot of space-sorting objects here at Craighill. Presented below, in no particular order, are some items that recently relocated from our inventory shelves to my new apartment:



Five of these are now present next to my front door (directly above our shoe-tying bench), and they are designated for guest use only. I want the hooks to be available and inviting for newcomers to use, who will then compliment them. Does overthinking the guest experience make me a good host? I sure hope so. 



We designed this product because we needed this product. I didn’t actually get to take one of these home until last week and it’s already a critical part of my workspace setup. It sits on my desk, which for the time being is my dining table.



Currently sitting on a cardboard box near my front door, providing a perfect home for my keys. My apartment is my home, but it is also home for my objects.



Another object sitting on a cardboard box, but this time in my living room. I can’t recommend the Cloud Planter enough to those who have recently moved and need to make the space their own. It’s also a great housewarming gift for a loved one. All you need to do is add a 6” plant liner to this and it creates a sense of calm in any space.



I recently left my favorite pair of Izipizi sunglasses in San Francisco, so I decided to buy 2 replacement pairs, just so I’d have extra backup. Sunglasses are my accessory of choice, and I now keep my 3 most frequently used pairs on Eyewear Stands on my dresser, which creates instant personality in the room. (If anyone from Izipizi is reading this, can we please collaborate on something?)

Perhaps this guide will help you pull your space together, whether you’re moving, giving the good old spring cleaning a try, or looking to give a housewarming gift to a close friend. You can also explore our home goods collection for many more beautiful and functional objects that bring warmth to your living space, for whatever season of life you find yourself in today.