Introducing the Sigma Touch Tool, a Striking Artifact of a Strange Time

We're pleased to announce the launch of the Sigma Touch Tool—a timely instrument for interacting with high-touch surfaces. The fluid brass form is an alluring merger of utility and style—an added layer of protection and a striking artifact of a strange time.

As a new way of moving through the world has rapidly emerged, old habits die hard. In order to help mitigate the inadvertent spreading of germs after pressing a button or opening a door, a simple tactile instrument can come in handy. Will this tool alone solve our problems? Certainly not. But when paired with other healthy practices, it has the potential to make a small but meaningful difference.

“Over the past couple of months, our routines have gone through numerous tectonic shifts,” notes Hunter Craighill, Design Director of Craighill. “As we all work to navigate the physical world with greater awareness, the desire for objects to help prevent mistakes has grown increasingly apparent. Our friends and customers began requesting that we develop a touch tool before I knew what that was, and after a bit of careful consideration around form and function, we’re happy to share the Sigma.”

Named for its resemblance to the Greek letter Sigma ∑, the Sigma Touch Tool is machined from solid brass. It features an eyelet for attaching to a keyring, a hooked surface for pulling doors, and a subtle protrusion for use as a stylus and button-pusher. Pick one up for yourself here.