Introducing the Press Vessel, a Special Home for Worldly Treasures

We're excited to announce the launch of the Press Vessel—a special home for worldly treasures.

Fashioned from precision-machined anodized aluminum, it’s an airtight container that’s equally suited to storing rare spices or heirloom jewelry.

The look and feel will be instantly familiar to any MacBook user. But rather than housing technology, this is a place to keep something of value.

“As we continue to develop objects, the idea of creating little homes is increasingly resonant” says Hunter Craighill, Design Director of Craighill. “We often try to evoke the feeling children have of discovering a special rock and finding a hiding place for it. Adults are also permitted to collect and hide their special rocks, and the Press Vessel is a very nice little home for treasures.”

As with many other Craighill products, the first thing you notice picking up the Press Vessel is the hand feel—it reads as deliberate, as though tactility was a chief consideration. Upon removing the lid, the precision fit also becomes apparent: this is no simple jar.

While the potential uses abound, some options for storage include: prized finishing salt, luxe eye cream, redolent incense, or sought-after coins.

The Press Vessel costs $48, weighs 5 oz and measures 2.5” D x 2”. Crafted from anodized aluminum, it features a silicone ring around the lid for an air-tight closure, and it’s available in black or silver finishes. The Press Vessel is available here.