Designing the Ripple Opener - Brooklyn, NY

The 'crown cork' has been sealing carbonated beverages for more than a century, and designers have been churning out openers since day one. The requirement is simple — a basic lever and prying edge — which has lead to countless variations.

Cracking open a sealed bottle has always felt like a small, but celebratory, ritual. We wanted to honor that ritual with a tool that quietly reflected the momentary joy of that action. 

Similar to the Jack Puzzle, we wanted to work with an existing bar stock — in this case, 5/8" diameter stainless steel bar— which we found the have the best weight and hand feel.

In our hunt for a domestic manufacturer capable of producing the tight tolerances that our Jack Puzzle required, we were introduced to a machine shop in Wisconsin that specializes in high precision milling and turning. We worked closely with their lead engineer to develop an understanding of their efficiencies and areas of expertise. 

We had finalized the manufacturing process and the material, and now we had constraints to work within. After hundreds of sketches, dozens of 3D prints, and a handful of physical prototypes, we landed on our final geometry.

Below at the left you can see the original raw bar stock, and at right is a finished Ripple Opener.

After a long and winding development process, the final result ticked a bunch of important boxes for us: familiar and visually intuitive, substantial and weighty in the hand, employs efficient domestic manufacturing, opens bottles. 

We're pleased to be able to share a bit of the design and development process with you, and we look forward to continuing to do so with future product releases. Salut! 

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