5 reasons why you need an eyewear stand

For the neat-freaks, the organized and the optically obsessed, this polished podium is the ideal way to store your eyeglasses.

As a spectacle wearer, you’ll be familiar with the biennial investment of new glasses. So what better way to keep them safe than with a tactile, solid metal eyewear stand?

In the name of good habits and deskscape diligence, here’s 5 reasons why you need the Craighill eyewear stand.

Scratch free spectacles 

Whether your frame is made from metal, acetate or both, scratches aren’t a great look. If you’re into the habit of leaving your glasses lying around, the chances of grit tarnishing your frame are tenfold.

Over time, scratches on your once glossy glasses frame will eventually dull the surface-finish making your glasses look old and tired.

With a eyewear stand, you can keep your frame aloft, away from dreaded scuffs. Better still, the solid metal body makes it an incredibly stable companion for your designated safe-place.

Protect thy lenses 

Whether you’re single vision or multifocal, prescription lenses are as delicate as they are costly. Grime, grease and dirt will only diminish your lenses’ ability to refract light, thus reducing optical clarity and overall performance.

If you’ve invested in anti-glare or anti-scratch lenses, you should endeavor to keep those coatings clean and dirt free. Not only will you see better, but you’ll look better too. 

Eye-contact is a nice way to connect with other humans.

A handy way to keep your glasses clean is to keep them away from dust, coffee spills or anything that’ll make your optician want to cry.

The Craighill eyewear stand is the perfect podium for keeping your beloved glasses away from any nasties.

Symbolize your good habits

Growing up, you were likely told to put things back where you found them.

If you’ve ever lost a pair of glasses, that painful lesson is surely enough to keep your new ones safe in a regular place. At home or at work, a eyewear stand will be a magnificent mantle for your eyeglasses. A sturdy pillar demonstrating your care for your things.

As they say, an organized space is an organized mind.

Elevated eyewear

If your coat goes on a hanger, or your shoes rest on a rack, it’s time to elevate your eyewear storage game once and for all.

Until now, you’ve probably kept your eyeglasses in their protective case. Not a bad tactic, but it’s a lonely existence in there, hidden from view. 

As a spectacle wearer, why not showcase your optical identity and display your glasses for people to see? When you aren’t wearing them, a glasses holderis the just the accessory you need to host your most prized possession.

Metallic self-care 

Undeniably, a solid piece of steel brass is a truly pleasing thing.

But there’s deeper value behind these metals than just a beautifully sculpted piece of weighty ore. 

In ancient Vedic scriptures, brass heralds’ positivity and fruitful abundance in life. It’s believed this treasured material can improve health by increasing your energy levels and soothing any bodily inflammation. A reassuring sentiment as you poise your spectacles.

And then there’s steel.

Revered for it’s robust hardiness, steel is believed to be a strong barrier against negativity and aggression. Used to build bridges, skyscrapers and planes, your steel eyewear stand may-well deter any nay sayers, leaving both your happiness and eyeglasses intact.

Deskscape diligence

For spectacle wearers, the Craighill eyeglass holder plays a harmonious role amongst a wider deskscape eco system.

At home or your office workspace, your optical workflow is immediately enriched with this precision machined perch. For staying organised and keeping your glasses safe, this functional accoutrement is a tactile way to elevate your environment and enjoy the sensory satisfaction of good design.

In our busy lives, fewer but better additions such as these are a welcome touch point. A reminder to take joy in the good things.

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by Jamie Bartlett | Banton Frameworks