The Wavelinks Puzzle

a tactile wonder


The Wavelinks Puzzle invites you to put down your mobile device and immerse yourself in a unique journey: solving the most mysterious puzzle you’ve ever encountered.

Shockingly heavy, deceptively difficult, and beyond all else — incredibly satisfying.

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a modern masterpiece of mechanical puzzles

  • The Wavelinks Puzzle was designed by Rod Bogart in 2017.

  • Craighill and Art of Play joined forces with Rod to bring this puzzle to life in metal.

  • The 2022 Kickstarter campaign became the most successful of its kind.

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Brain teaser & Art object


The contrast of the stainless steel and matte black highlights the beauty of the wave-like seam, and allows for two different assembly configurations.

The Wavelinks balances beautiful design with ingenious engineering. You’ll love seeing this decorative and engaging puzzle live on display in your home or office.

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dive into the mystery


The solution to the Wavelinks is mind-bending and the entire experience is often met with a laugh of pure delight.

Once you’ve cracked the code, you’ll love sharing it with curious friends, as you guide them through moments of frustration — ultimately leading them to the inner sanctum of mastery and knowledge. 

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