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The Piecemakers Guild is a home for designers, makers, and lovers of mechanical puzzles. We consider all Open Call entrants to be members in good standing, but really, anyone is welcome. Join us on Discord to seek the counsel of your fellow Piecemakers, and sign up for email updates.

Piecemakers Community Puzzle Box

  • "Keep up the stellar work at Craighill! Really an inspiration to all of us." - Joel, Member since 2024

  • "Stacking the puzzles. Goal would be Wavelinks on top." - Douglas, Member since 2024

  • "Keep the designs coming!" - Tim, Member since 2024

"Over the past eight years we have designed and developed some of the most beautiful, challenging, premium mechanical puzzles on Earth. We're really ramping up our puzzle design and manufacturing, and we want to see what you've got." - Zach, Co-founder