Junior Design Engineer

Junior Design Engineer

Design Team 

To apply, please submit a resume, and a cover letter containing the following information to jobs@craighill.co

  • 2 professional references
  • Salary request
  • Describe the tools you use to stay organized
  • Portfolio or examples of work (optional)

Position Description
Every product we launch is the culmination of months (and sometimes years) of design iteration, careful communication, critical thinking, and meticulous decision making. The Junior Design Engineer shepherds products from concept through to launch, acting as the linchpin that keeps the development process running smoothly and on schedule. The Junior Design Engineer works closely with our Industrial Designer to refine 3D models, and create renderings and prototypes using a variety of tools (3D printer, laser cutter, modeling clay).

By identifying new manufacturing partners, cultivating our long-term relationships with existing partners, troubleshooting costing and production bottlenecks, and holding ourselves and our partners accountable to our standards and schedules, we are able to consistently develop our product catalog, grow our capabilities, and continue to build our audience. 

The Junior Design Engineer balances technical understanding, clear communication, and a wide-eyed fascination with the nature and process of how things are made. In many ways, this role is a direct embodiment of our mission of fostering an understanding of the built environment. By dedicating time, resources, and focus to the nuances of the product development process, we will better be able to share our passion for manufacturing with the wider world.


Design Studio Management

  • Maintain the material and sample library in a clear and organized manner- including all raw materials, finishes and packaging
  • Maintain all iterations of design files (3D files, specs, packaging, sample reports, etc.) and verify up-to-date versions in all instances
  • Ensure each sample gets labeled with date, material, manufacturer, process, and any other relevant information
  • Build and maintain a vendor database documenting services, materials, strengths, weaknesses, location, lead times, contact information, and other relevant details
  • Ensure samples and 3D prints are photographed and the files areorganized appropriately in Dropbox
  • Organize and maintain sample purchase orders and invoicing system 

Product Development

  • Oversee product development calendar and schedule, ensuring deadlines are met for each phase (research, design, prototyping, sampling, packaging, photography, etc.)
  • Develop 3D models, renderings, and prototypes in close collaboration with Industrial Designer and Head of Company
  • Ensure packaging design files are organized and up to date
  • Create Sample Quality Control Reports and relay to vendors
  • Correspond daily with manufacturers to answer questions (technical and non) and provide information to keep all projects moving
  • Prepare and distribute Requests For Quote (RFQs) to existing vendors for new designs
  • Prepare all necessary information (samples, price, lead time, etc.) for regular New Product meeting 
  • Compose and develop an in-process report to distribute company-wide for development update communications
  • Research new vendors and manufacturers with guidance from Head of Company, collecting examples of work and establishing relationships

Cross-Departmental Communication

  • Set and run daily meetings with Head of Company and Head of Operations to review communication with external manufacturers
  • Work with Sales Team to understand sample deadlines for press, holidays, and tradeshows
  • Ensure Design Team responds to technical questions in a timely manner
  • Facilitate the handoff of all production files and information to Production Team and assist with initial production orders for new products
  • Set and run twice-weekly meetings with Design and Production Teams to review all products currently in development and update Development Tracking spreadsheet 

Reports To
Head of Company 

Collaborates With
Head of Operations 
Operations Team
Sales Team

Direct Reports

Measured Metrics and Review Schedule
Your first review will be 90 days after your start date, then a six-month check-in and a development review annually in January for the duration of your employment. If the results of a review are unsatisfactory, more frequent reviews may be scheduled to monitor improvements. If assigned improvement goals are not reached, a warning schedule may be implemented including the possibility of termination. During each review, your performance and ability to achieve the following metrics will be evaluated. 

  • Long-term development calendar is maintained
  • All samples are properly labeled, documented, and organized in sample library
  • Development Tracker is kept accurate and up to date
  • Final product samples are delivered with agreed upon quality and timelines

Estimated Weekly Hours
40 Hours 

This position is full-time, non-exempt.

Company Overview
Craighill is located in Brooklyn, NY. We are a group of people who believe that beautiful, cleverly designed objects can inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity. Those are feelings that we stay connected to, from a product’s inception, through the process of sourcing it, photographing it, writing about it, and shipping it to its ultimate owner. By staying true to our values, we take small steps toward building a community of people who believe in the world we hope to one day inhabit.


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Experience with CAD tools (ideally Fusion360)
  • Understanding of basic materials and manufacturing processes
  • Experience making prototypes and models by hand
  • Experience managing calendars and deadlines
  • Experience with Google Suite products
  • Experience with or willingness to learn Asana project management software
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design or related field preferred

Physical Demands
No physical demands required of this position


  • Employer subsidized health insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Time Off
  • Sick Leave
  • 60% discount on purchases with Craighill + Wholesale Cost on third party products

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Our core values of empathy, ingenuity, endurance and wonder are central to the work we do. Along with those guiding values, we are also deeply committed to developing a company culture that is centered on inclusivity. We're a white male-led organization currently, but we want to run this company and share power with people who aren't white guys. We believe actively recruiting, hiring, cultivating, and retaining people from a wide diversity of perspectives, identities, and backgrounds is vitally important to our success. We don't want or expect people to mute who they are as their authentic selves in order to try and fit in.