Spring Update
Brooklyn, NY - 4/6/17
The time of hibernation is over, and there's the distinct smell of possibility in the air. We're alive! A couple weeks ago our friends from Bespoke Post came by Craighill HQ to hang out and take a look at the studio. Please enjoy the fruits of their labor. The glamour is real.
Above: We recently welcomed the newest member of the team. His name is Doctor, he's a friendly Scottish terrier mix of some kind, and he is now in charge of the company.
Above: Fearless leader Hunter Craighill hard at work developing a new product. 
Above: Intrepid team member Val finishing a Uniform Square Cuff on the belt sander.
Above: Zach and Hunter sip tea, surf the web, imagine themselves on a beach somewhere.
Above: The point of no return.
Making the Wilson Keyring
Cleveland, OH - 11/22/16

 The Wilson Keyring is formed at a factory on the west side of Cleveland. The process starts with 250lb spools of wire and ends with an efficient tool to carry your keys.

Above: Our spool of 1/8" cartridge brass, amongst a sea of steel alloys.


Above: The wire is fed off the spool into this shearing machine, which straightens the wire on rollers before cutting it to length.


Above: Various tooling and forming components sit on a table near a larger CNC forming machine, used to produce other Craighill products.


Above: After a manual de-burring (to round the ends), the wires proceed through 3 custom bending rigs.


All that's left is a little cleanup, a Craighill stamp, and some packaging.

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