Bozeman Coat Rack

$ 95

 An ideal solution for apartment living, the Bozeman Coat Rack is elegant, unadorned, and fits nicely in tight spaces. Comprised of a snaking, curvilinear stainless steel wire and a precisely milled steel mounting bar, it’s a choice new home for coats, bags, and beyond.

Learn more about the story behind the Bozeman Coat Rack here.

Each Bozeman Coat Rack is assembled by hand in our Brooklyn workshop. All orders placed will be shipped within 3 business days. 


  • Designed by Hunter Craighill and Dylan Fareed for General Manufacturing Concern
  • 9" H x 6.5" W x 3.5" D
  • 2 lb 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wire formed in Ohio, Mounting Bar milled in Wisconsin
  • Assembly required, assembly instructions included

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