Embassy Pen

$ 98

The Embassy Pen is not playing around. If the Embassy Pen were a person, they would be muscular, smartly dressed, and bookish—a delicate balance of sophistication and brawn.

Precision-machined in California from C360 brass, this is a tool that initially grabs your attention with the beautiful crosshatch knurling that runs down the length of the body. Once your interest has been piqued, picking it up reveals a pleasant weightiness. It boasts a tank-like appearance, and it's even heavier than it looks.

Designed and manufactured in limited quantities for use in US embassies across the globe, we're pleased to have gotten our hands on them, and to offer them here to complement our growing array of enduring tools and curios.


    • C360 Brass 
    • 5.25" X .50" D
    • 4 oz 
    • Stainless steel clip 
    • Unique Serial Number identification
    • Fisher Space Pen® pressurized ink cartridge


  • Manufactured in California
  • Designed by CountyComm