Facet Bowl - Large

$ 98

We’ve designed the Facet Bowls to accommodate a variety of needs: a centerpiece display vessel for seasonal happenings, a fruit bowl for the kitchen, a tray to help tidy and style your coffee table, or a dish for loose change and items as you enter and leave your home. 

With a beveled edge at the bottom, the bowls have a softly floating appearance, complemented by another beveled edge at the top. Resting atop its own shadow, each bowl effortlessly catches and displays whatever you need.

Taking inspiration from landscape and topography, the Facet Bowls are crafted like islands by skilled woodworkers in Michigan, with the rings of the wood grain mapping the slope of their interiors. 

Shop the Small Facet Bowl here. 


  • 12.4" x 5.4" x 1.4"

  • 15.66 oz

  • Walnut, Maple, Black Ash

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