Introducing the Snap Cuff

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Snap Cuff—a meticulously crafted bracelet that’s named for its satisfying *snap* closure. At once familiar and rich in technical nuance, the Snap Cuff is an elegant piece of jewelry, and a compelling work of engineering. 

“Designing jewelry has always been a challenge for me,” says Hunter Craighill, Design Director of Craighill. “The vast majority of our products have a pretty clear functional imperative. But with jewelry, as long as it stays on and looks good, its purpose has been achieved. That lack of confinement can be overwhelming, and so with the Snap Cuff we took steps to find a way to box ourselves in.”

The jumping off point for the Snap Cuff was a focus on CNC machining. While most jewelry is produced by casting or forging metal, precision machining created compelling constraints. By fully embracing the manufacturing technique, a design evolved that features delicately chamfered edges, a subtle swell at the hinge to ensure the hardware is perfectly flush, and integrated ball detents to create the ever-pleasing closure effect. The design is also perfectly symmetrical, with both arms of the cuff being identical, allowing for highly efficient manufacturing.

After landing on a process, the next point of interest was the hinge mechanism. Again, the focus expanded beyond classic jewelry production into the realm of folding knives, which are often celebrated for their carefully considered hardware. We partnered with a folding knife expert to create custom hinge hardware that is low-profile, durable, and precise. The result is a smooth, stable rotational action that will hold up with daily with use.

A singular piece of jewelry, the Snap Cuff is beautiful to wear and deceptively complex. To the owner, it’s a simple way to elevate a daily look, and the act of putting it on will provide a brief moment of tactile delight. 

Available in brass or stainless steel, the Snap Cuff weighs 2 oz and measures 3” x 2.75” x 0.35”. It comes in two sizes, and can accommodate wrists measuring 6” - 7.5” in circumference. 

Grab one for yourself here.