Introducing the Slim Desk Knife

It’s been a year to the day since we released the Desk Knife, and looking back we’re still amazed by the strength of the response. What we conceived of as an experimental office tool for opening packages and letters wound up resonating across a wide array of people and use cases. Being excited about your own creation feels akin to the pride and admiration parents feel for their children. While the feelings are real, it’s important to be conscious of your biases. We weren’t sure if anyone outside our team would ‘get it,’  but thankfully many of you were genuinely excited about the Desk Knife. is a sharp, shiny object, so maybe we shouldn’t have been shocked.

Soon after the release of the Desk Knife, we started hearing from folks that were using it in ways we hadn’t expected. We saw people were holding it like a pen or scalpel and using it for precision cutting of paper and cardboard. Seeing these delicate and detailed tasks caused us to consider a slimmer variation that would make this specific use easier and more enjoyable.

And so on the first anniversary of the Desk Knife’s release, we’re excited to introduce the Slim Desk Knife. Milled from 7/16” bar stock, the Slim Desk Knife is lighter and more slender than its older sibling. The design is deceptively simple — primarily composed of 2 angled slices taken from standard bar stock. The precise placement and angles of those cuts create parabolic cutaways that meet as a sharp blade. The half-inch notches along the length act as a simple ruler. The bar diameter is commonly used for pens, so holding it like a writing implement feels familiar and comfortable. In addition to cutting out paper and cardboard, the Slim Desk Knife still makes quick work of opening letters and boxes. Perhaps there’s a great use for it we haven’t even considered. Take a look at a short film we made celebrating both the conventional and unconventional uses of the Slim Desk Knife. And grab one for yourself here.