Introducing the Ridge Cuff, A Strangely Satisfying and Lifelike Bracelet

We're excited to introduce the Ridge Cuff—a carefully considered cuff bracelet that takes inspiration from the friction closure of a classic coin purse. The Ridge Cuff is at once familiar in visual form and surprising in its tactile character. 

“I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make things feel satisying,” says Hunter Craighill, Design Director of Craighill. “It’s a bit of an amorphous concept, but satisfaction in an object is often defined by the sense that it has some kind of soul or life. With the Ridge Cuff, the satisfaction comes in the process of putting it on. The arms open to welcome the wearer in, and as they slide past each other with increasing friction, they ultimately reach a crescendo and lock into place with an audible *click*.”

This moment of completion is repeated with every wear, creating a tangible bond between the user and the object. Akin to the feeling of closing the clasp of a watch band, the potential for absentminded tinkering is high.

In order to achieve this effect, precision machining was the clear choice for manufacturing. While most jewelry comes to life through casting or forging, the technical requirements of the Ridge Cuff called for a different production approach. The identical arms have to pass each other at a specific angle and with sufficient torque in order to slide into place just so.

The Ridge Cuff weighs 2 oz and measures 3” x 2.75” x 0.35”. Available in brass and stainless steel, it comes in two sizes, and can accommodate wrists measuring 6” - 7.5” in circumference. 

Grab one for yourself here.