Introducing the Bozeman Coat Rack

Craighill is excited to announce the launch of the Bozeman Coat Rack, a curvilinear, wall-mounted home for coats, bags, and beyond. Initially released in 2014 by General Manufacturing Concern, the design has been updated and modified for re-release. 

“I’m a bit obsessed with industrial wire forming” notes Hunter Craighill, Founder & Design Director of Craighill. “About 6 years ago I visited a manufacturer that makes fryer baskets and fan guards, and it kind of changed my life. I now design with the factory’s capabilities in mind, and this product is a perfect example of that. It’s very elemental—a gently winding steel wire hung on a brass mounting bar. But if I hadn’t visited that factory, this product wouldn’t exist.” 



In order to establish a consistent visual rhythm and even spacing between hooks, the snaking form relies almost entirely on ½” radial bends. The formed steel wire is then hung on a precisely milled mounting bar, which affixes to the wall. The mounting bar features two carefully placed grooves that allow the bent wire to nest within it both visually and physically, snugly locking everything in place and preventing any sliding or rotational motion.


The Bozeman Coat Rack is named for its resemblance to an antler rack, which co-designer Dylan Fareed was captivated by as a child while visiting Bozeman, MT. An ideal solution for apartment living, it’s elegant, unadorned, and fits nicely in tight spaces.  For more expansive environs, multiple units can be arranged in close proximity to accommodate ever more coats and umbrellas. It’s also well suited for kitchen or bathroom use.

Comprised of a ¼” stainless steel wire and a ⅝” brass or stainless steel mounting bar, the coat rack weighs 2 lbs and measures 9” x 6.5” x 2.5”. The initial release will be limited to 20 units.

The Bozeman Coat Rack is available here and will ship immediately.