Craighill + Outlier: Experiement 214-CRAIGHILL COATRACK

We’re based out of a building on the border of the neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, NY. It’s an area that has experienced seismic changes over the course of the past 15 years, with lots of small structures being knocked down to make room for shiny, sterile glass towers. The building we occupy at 87 Richardson St. is amongst the last of its kind. Erected in the early 1900s, its been home to numerous manufacturing operations over the past hundred years. Today it's home to a motley crew of painters, photographers, and creative business owners. When you arrive at the third floor landing where our office is located, a small placard affixed to the door reads “Wedding Dress,” the last remnants of the floor’s previous incarnation as a wedding dress factory. Simply put, it’s a place with immense character. 

Our first experience with this building was about 10 years ago, long before Craighill existed. We came by for a sample sale of an exciting new clothing brand called Outlier, who were making great looking pants and button-downs out of highly-technical fabrics—a perfect hybrid of carefully considered, flattering cuts with the durability and performance most frequently found in outdoor apparel. Thus began a twofold love affair—both with the storied old building and the cool, understated new clothing line. 

Years later, shortly before launching Craighill, a space in the building became available and we jumped at the opportunity. It’s been our home since day one, and over the course of the past 5 years we’ve been lucky to forge a friendship with Abe and Tyler, the founders of Outlier. Beyond commiserating about daily goings-on, they’ve also served as an inspiration and example of how to build a thoughtful, meaningful design business. They have a truly rabid fanbase (ourselves included), and they’re obsessively focused on making top-quality products and including their customers in the evolution of the brand. Simply put, we look up to them. 

Earlier this year we started kicking around the idea of collaborative release, and a limited-edition run of the Bozeman Coat Rack seemed like a great meeting point: it’s a carefully machined metal object and a nice place to hang your Outlier duds. This version features a 6061-T6 aluminum mounting bar, which is significantly lighter and a much brighter metal than the Type 303 Stainless Steel in our classic version. You can check out the collaboration here, and we encourage you to explore the Outlier catalog in depth.